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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Customer Service Needed!

It's been a while since I have blogged and I hate for this to be my most current, but this is what I'm on right now.  I will keep you guys updated!

Letter to T-Mobile and HTC

Hello, my name is Terrence Baldwin, and I have been an Android phone user for 5+ years.  I enjoy the compatibility with Google and it makes life easy for the common phone user and the business man.

I am also a proud customer of T-Mobile.  I have been pleased with my services and have had no reason to change service providers.

In March, my G2 fell and the screen cracked.  That was rough for me, because much of my phone usage is for business.  So, I called Asurion (insurance company) to get another G2, only to find out that phone is no longer available.  Long story SHORT, I end up paying MORE money for The HTC Sensation.  I was told that The Sensation would be an upgrade from the outdated G2.  It was stated that The Sensation would be much faster, and have better features.

This letter is to notify both HTC and T-Mobile that these past two months have been horrible.  This phone is actually slower. It takes 30 seconds to load a single contact as if I’m on the internet.  I run out of data every month which makes EVERY feature of my phone run SLOWER.  I don’t recall having these issues with previous phones.  I Dread the Droid!

I am writing both T-Mobile and HTC in hopes that these two wonderful companies would hear the concerns of a loyal customer and make it right.  I have already paid you both and I am receiving less than acceptable service on both ends.  It is my hope that we will and can resolve this matter so that we can all continue business in the future.

I will be blogging and social networking my friends and followers on how we resolve this matter.  Look forward to hearing from you.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Music Blog!

Over the past 3 weeks, two albums have been released by two extremely talented crooners.  In 2003, I had the opportunity to travel the world with these guys and it is my honor to see them take the R&B charts by storm. So, its only right that I blog about my famous friends. Ya dig?

Ruben Studdard's "Letters From Birmingham," is the former Idol winners newest work.  This album expresses Studdard's rediscoverd life as a bachelor as he croons out his sentiments relating to his recent divorce.  The album includes writings from my favorite writer, Sir Harold Lily, production from Alabama's own Black Elvis, and a feature from Chrisette Michelle.  You can find it on iTunes here

Check out one of my favorite tracks.

This may be his rookie album, but by no means is Lonny Bereal a rookie to the music game.  His name rings around this country with some of the largest superstars in the game.  He has traveled as a background singer with artist such as Kelly Rowland, Tyrese, Jamie Foxx, and many more.  But now he is on his own and The Love Train is definitely on track.  Lonny is one of the most versatile singers I've ever witnessed and this album definitely shows it.  Check it out on iTunes here


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What's on my iPod....

Due to the over saturation of music and artist in this capitalistic society, there are rare opportunities for me to find albums that not only sound good, but have a spiritual effect on me. I know those albums when I hear them because they ignite creativity. I have been in search for an album that is genuine and uncontaminated by the industry.  Not influenced by the drive for mainstream, just pure unadulterated TRUTH!  Over the past two weeks, I have found two albums that do just that.  Allow me to share.

Robert Glasper, 32 year old Houston native is far from a rookie to the scene.  The Urban "Thelonius Monk" combines jazz stylings with a new soulful hip hop vibe that is sure to re freshen the genres.  His roots extend to artist such as Kanye West, Bilal, ?uestlove, Q-Tip and a host of others.  His new release, "Black Radio," is nothing short of a Groove. The album has an Allstar Soul cast featuring: Erykah Badu, Bilal, Lupe Fiasco, Lalah Hathaway, Shafiq Husayn (Sa-Ra), KING, Ledisi, Chrisette Michele, Musiq Soulchild, Meshell Ndegeocello, Stokley Williams (Mint Condition), and yasiin bey. Its an album that you can play from top to bottom.  I threatened to whip @lalahhathaway with my mamma's belt last week for her rendition of Sade's "Cherish the Day."  Check it out here, then go get the album.

A couple of weeks ago, my good friend Gerrond told me to check out Ole Borud because it would change my life.  So I go to my Spotify (best place to sample albums before you buy) and pull up Borud's newest release "Keep Moving," and guess what...IT CHANGED MY LIFE!  He's like an inspirational Jamiroquai . I only intended on listening to one or two songs, and it turned into about 45 minutes of rewinding and pulling up previous works.  I couldn't help but wonder "where in the hell have I been" to miss all of this.  It wasn't until halfway through listening that I realized I was listening to an inspirational artist.  Its sonic, it's funky, it's groovy, it's spiritual, its everything.  Here are a couple of my favs.

Music Lives...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rules to Social Networking: Vol. 1

Social networking has changed the world as we knew it. It has changed the way we communicate. I can't tell you how many times that people have gotten in touch with me quicker on Facebook rather than calling me. Instead of a text, I get a tweet. But with this new wave of communication and information it has altered the meaning of some real world interaction, especially in relationships.

Today, I am about to point out a social networking flaw that could get your head busted to the white meat.

Warning..the situation listed below is not necessarily the thoughts of one Ronya T. Baldwin. She is cooler than that. This situation has been gathered from conversations with friends. *clears throat*

Situation: How many times have you scrolled your Facebook News Feeds and noticed a picture? This particular picture included a person of the opposite sex. The picture could be of this person at Disney Land, leaving for church, or eating lunch, but for whatever reason you think that it is a nice picture. Customary for Facebook users, if you think a picture is nice you click the "Like" button and keep it moving.

I have learned that before you -mash- the "Like" button there are two questions you need to ask yourself.

1. Is he or she attractive?
2. Is he or she fully dressed?

Trust me, these two questions can save you an argument. (So you "like" dat heaux picture?) (Oh, is that what you like?) Obviously, on these sites "liking" a pic does not mean " wow, this is a nice picture." Somewhere in the cyber bowl "like" has turned into "Man, I wouldn't mind being with you." So I warn you. IF YOU LIKE A PIC, THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK!

The Love Doctor

Monday, January 30, 2012

Give, And It Shall Be Given!

This past summer, I had the opportunity to read Russell Simmons (@UncleRush) newest writing Super Rich.  Over the years, I have acquired a liking to the thoughts and actions of Simmons stemming from his success and his actions for the hip hop community.  His influence is so powerful, it has transcended hip hop and is changing the world.

In Super Rich, Simmons teaches readers that true wealth is internal and once it is tapped into, it has eternal ramifications.  Once one gains a spiritual and/or psychological perspective on life, it will in turn affect and benefit the physical life.  One of the keys to becoming Super Rich is realizing that you don't need ANYTHING.

Also in the book, readers are educated on the importance of Dharma (service).  We are here on this Earth to serve.  How many times do we hear people complain about going to work or boast about chasing a dollar?  On the path to becoming Super Rich, you should first, find your service to the world, love it, then give it to the world until you can't give it anymore.  With this mindset, you will make yourself attractive to money, and it will FIND YOU!

Being a full time musician, I should wake up working on my service to the world, whether it is practicing or performing.  Instead of chasing the next dime, focus on the things that make me WORTH the next DOLLAR.  Performing music with a pure heart is far more fulfilling than receiving a check with impure intentions.  Don't get me wrong, I NEED THE MONEY.  But I won't allow my talents to be a prisoner to money.

Now that I'm done preaching, one of the most fulfilling things I do during my week is coaching Tank's (my youngest son) Upward Basketball team. When I wake up and realize its time to coach or practice I get excited. I get fulfillment from seeing the excitment of the kids.  Instilling confidence and knowledge into the minds of youth gives me personal satisfaction.  Participation in something so innocent provides me a contentment and solitude that the chase of money can't give.

In closing, there is more to life than money.  Find your service/services to the world and give it until you can't give it anymore.  Love what you do, and do it with gladness.  This perspective will make your being attractive to riches, and in turn everything you need to survive WILL FIND YOU!

Below are pictures from our UNDEFEATED basketball team.  Photos by TJ Photography

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sowing and Reaping: GO GET IT!

The older I get, the more I come to the realization of The Power of The Mind.  I am learning that human beings have the incredible ability to WRITE his or her DESTINY.  All it takes is a plan, discipline, prayer and hard work.  Christains call it Sowing and Reaping. Buddist call it Karma. However you look at it, WE have the ability to create whatever it is we want out of life.

With that in mind, I remember having a long conversation with my friend Alvin Garrett (@kownbred), as he expressed his desire to be a songwriter.  At the time, the conversation didn't impact me, because...#HELL all of us wanted to be songwriters, so what's your point? Garrett goes on to ask, "how can I say that I DESIRE to be a songwriter, if I don't sit down and write songs EVERYDAY?"  From that day forward, dude went on a rampage of writing songs, buying equipment until he submerged himself into his desires.

Two years later, I have watched Kownbred recieve placements with national recording artists such as Deitrick Hatton, Noel Gourdine, and Ruben Studdard.  And on yesterday he announced that he is recieving his first Grammy nomination. WOW! This is a prime example of sowing into the Earth and watching The Universe give it back to you.

So this blog is my way of saying CONGRATULATIONS cuh.  Your story is an inspiration to others.


Friday, January 13, 2012


In today's society, many people feel the need to publically antagonize and acknowledge who they perceive to be "Haters." I see it everyday on social networks where people address all of the "haters" in their lives. What is a hater? A hater is defined as, "a person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person."

Two words stick out in this definition. The first being "success." In order to have "haters", one must attain a certain amount of success. Successful people are usually hard workers and positive thinkers amongst other things. Maintaining success requires a constant grind and connection with ones higher self. On the contrary, to hate on someone," requires extra time and negative thinking and a connection with ones lower self. Haters usually are not very successful people.

The second word is "happiness." Success brings about happiness. Be it sports, on your job, or educational, if one is successful, there is a certain amount of happiness that is gained.

I consider myself to be moderately successful, but I can honestly say, that I have never had a "hater." Overly blessed with good looks and dazzling charm, I have always saturated my being with positive energy. I have always desired success. Self determination creates a tunnel vision that is inaccessible to "haters." Successful people create surroundings that are not conducive to the antics of "haters."

So in closing, I will render my point. If you are blessed enough to have "haters," don't subscribe to their attacks. Remain in tune with your higher self. Reacting only distracts and requires you to leave the higher and subscribe to your lower self. Responding publicly to hate only makes "haters" SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY.

"If you are surprised to be here, it means you probably shouldn't be here...." The Dream (1977)

Let the church say Amen!